Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is time flying or not going by fast enough?

Is the impending arrival coming too fast or not fast enough? Depends on when you ask me. I am a mixture of emotions and mood swings... too hot, too cold, loving, loathing, fat, pretty, demanding, giving. I am the definition of antonym's.

Lots of exciting things for Jeremy and I since our last posting. We have decided that we are going to use a midwife for the birth. The women's center I am going to includes a group of midwives that will deliver at the hospital. So should something not go normally, we will be at one of the best hospitals in the Valley. Our midwife is Connie and we love her! She is perfect for a high maintenance mother-to-be. We are planning a natural birth, but I have no opposition to medication should it become necessary. And since I have never given birth I am not going to be so bold as to state that I won't be using an epidural. But I am hopeful that we can stick with the plan.

A whole group of my friends have come down with H1N1. I think everyone caught it getting together last Sunday for the game. I went, but because I am starving and getting exponentially fatter I dived into the food before it was put out for everyone else. I think this may have been how I avoided it. It is a miserable flu. I hope everyone who has it feels better soon. Love you guys and hope the babies are doing better.

My mom and I (and Jeremy) pretty much finished the baby's room yesterday. Baby girl and I are so grateful to have such a wonderful woman and fashionista in our lives. She pretty much designed the room and it looks great. Plus all the clothes and other baby things she can't resist. (Little girl already has a full winter Nautica outfit.) Thanks Mom!

All of the grandparent's have been wonderful and we are very grateful for everything that has been given to baby girl and she is not even here yet. Winstead parents got us the travel system and Pac N'Play which we love! (Although I thought the Pac N'Play was going to cause Jeremy an anxiety attack). Plus Grandpa Tim sent her first piggy bank and contribution... college is already in the future! Stanley parents sent some really cute clothes and picture book. Williams parents hit up target for a variety of just about everything. Thanks so much! Jeremy is determined to not let her be spoiled but I see him slowly breaking.


At October 25, 2009 at 9:06 AM , Blogger humansparkler said...

The nursery is so sweet! I loved what you said about antonyms...perfect. You feel like you've been pregnant forever but not long at all. Time speeds up exponentially when the little one arrives. Glad you're doing well and didn't get sick.

At October 25, 2009 at 11:43 AM , Blogger Jenn Saylor said...

You are going to love Connie - she is so awesome. She was with us the entire time...seriously, the best ever. The room looks great. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

At October 25, 2009 at 12:58 PM , Anonymous Amilyn said...

It looks great! You are lucky to have such a wonderful decorator at your disposal. Have the grandparents left anything for the Aunties to get the new baby??


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