Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Language

Hello friends and family! So clearly I am not going to be diligent enough to update this every week. But I am still committed to updates and today I was blessed with a gift that should help. The “swing”, no not just any swing – “THE swing”. Jeremy and I were fully prepared with a very highly rated swing that has all the gadgets. Sophia hates it. However, Amilyn has loaned us her little Fisher Price Take-Along swing and Sophia Loves it! My life has changed.

Sophia is doing great! We have figured out a feeding routine that works for both of us and it is getting much easier. She is growing at an alarming rate. (Alarming for Jeremy and I, anyways!) At her last appointment she was 10 lbs 15 oz. And it seems the weight is really in her length. I have her in 3 month and 6 month clothes just because of her length. They are all pretty baggy though. New Milestones – grasping when object are put in her hands (especially my hair), smiling, arching her back and standing when angry (I am not a fan of this one), more alert awake times and (I am not kidding on this one) she rolled on her side. I placed her on her back in her crib and came back and she was lying on her side!

I have developed an entire new language and have found that if you place an “ie” at the end of almost any word it is much more baby appropriate. For example, “burpie”, “poopie”, “fartie” etc. I also am able to alter my own version of “Single Lady” to fit most occasions. For example, “I’m a fussy baby, I’m a fussy baby. Oh oh oh oh…. I am sure that some people find this to be incredibly annoying. I am confident that I would have found it to be annoying. As a matter of fact I am finding that there are many things that were at one time unacceptable behavior to me that are now an integral part of my life. I am really sorry for being so judgmental and am sure I owe some apologies.

First vacation! Sophie has already been on her first vacation. Jeremy’s dad and stepmom were able to visit us for the first time and we took them to the Grand Canyon. Sophia did very well considering that she was only 6 weeks. (Mom’s nerves were a bit frayed though.) We are also looking forward to Jeremy’s mom, stepdad and brother coming to visit next week. Sophia is such a lucky baby to have so many doting grandparents!

First car accident! We were not so excited about this new experience. Sophia and I were in a MINOR accident last week. Unfortunately we were rear-ended and made a trip to Phoenix Children’s to make sure she was okay. As it turns out, according to the doctors babies are like “Gumby” (when they are properly restrained in a car seat). She was probably less affected by the accident than me. I just had a little whiplash.

Full-time Mommy… I was planning to return to work in a couple of weeks however; Jeremy and I evaluated our circumstances and have decided that for now I will be unable to return to my job. It is just the right decision for Sophia and financially. I am hoping to find something part time or at the most 40 hours a week. For now I have made being a full-time mom and wife my job. And the bar has been set high!

Thanks for hanging in there… these blogs are pretty long. I just have so much to say.


At January 26, 2010 at 3:40 PM , Blogger Jenn Saylor said...

Love the update. Glad everything is going good and the swing worked out...we have been there. You are doing a great job and trust me, we all have said something (or many things) that we have to take back once we become a Mama.


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