Sunday, August 29, 2010

Milestone Mania

Our little Sophia will be 9 months old next week and 8 months has brought many new experiences for everyone. Sophia got over her fear of being on her stomach which quickly led to army crawling, crawling, sitting up and trying to pull herself up. She went from limited mobility to pretty darn mobile in a couple of days. It has kept Jeremy and I on our feet. She has a new game that she loves to play at the grocery store. It is let’s reach outside the cart and grab everything that is within reach. And let me tell you there is surprisingly a lot of stuff within her reach. All this new motion has increased the number of bumps and bruises that Sophia gets. She takes most of them in stride, but every once in awhile there is one that will hurt her feelings more than anything else.

(Shortly after taking this picture she fell on the side and smacked her mouth. We lowered the bed that day....)

Communication! Sophia thinks that louder will get the point across quicker. She is definitely developing her own little vocabulary. She was big on “dada” for a little while, but lately it has mostly been a lot of “awes”. Very loudly! And of course there is still a lot of growling.

Sophia still does not have any teeth, but I am still certain they are going to show up any minute. She loves her baby food and is just now starting to be able to chew a select few things. I actually think she could eat more things, but she only chews a few times before she tries to swallow and then usually gags. Her hair is slowly coming in. Well I am not sure if coming in is the right term really. Basically her fuzz has gotten a little bit longer on the top. She is definitely growing like a weed in every other way though! Right now we think she is about 21 lbs and 30 inches long. This would make her in the 80th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for height!

Our little girl still seems to be catching just about any bug that she comes into contact with and thanks to daycare we are not in short supply. I feel horrible for her when she is sick. The last bug was a cold that turned into a sinus infection and then bronchitis. Over a month later and a second round of a stronger antibiotic the cough is finally starting to subside and allow her and I some sleep at night. I try to not miss any work unless it is Sophia related, but unfortunately on Friday I ended up leaving early because Mom had caught a bug. Fortunately it was just a 48 hour thing and Daddy was around to pick up the slack.

We are fortunate to have my dad around a lot more these days due to a change in his position at Swift. Sophia loves her Grandpa Williams and usually lights up when she sees him. She likes to touch his beard and show off a little for him. We are really happy to have him around more these days.

Well, we are off to bed now and will check back in soon. Love everyone!


At August 30, 2010 at 12:37 AM , Blogger Jenn Saylor said...

Love the update! She is cute. Obviously, keeping you very busy! This is a crazy age - have fun.

At August 30, 2010 at 5:47 AM , Blogger Josalyn said...

I'm so glad she's crawling! It's only a matter of time before our babies are running around together!! Love all of the pictures. She's getting so big!


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